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First Delta Group is your most trusted partner with direct access to the
country’s top retailers

Our retail partners know that First Delta Group will execute across all of their departments.

From merchandising and promotions, to operations, supply chain and logistics, our knowledge and expertise results in a significant competitive edge for our Manufacturer partners. Our associations with Tier 1 brands and category disruptors has enabled First Delta Group to forge relationships at the senior leadership level, assuring access to decision makers and primary stakeholders.

Your Operations
Management Team

Our dedicated team of Operations Managers are experts in our retailer’s systems and protocols with an expertise that goes far beyond simply making the sale. We’re with you every step of the way, providing total support in Sales, Planning, Retail Marketing, Operations and Sell-Through Strategies.

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Success Story

Calling All Vendors

In the mid ‘90s, Nokia and Motorola owned the cell phone category. Just Wireless, a small family owned company, had the foresight to know cell phone accessories would be a big business!

Just Wireless came to First Delta Group with the goal of partnering with Walgreens, who had only 2000 doors at the time. First Delta Group had been calling on Walgreens since 1987, and was the ONLY choice to help launch a brand new category at this major national retailer.

With First Delta Group’s guidance and partnership, we have successfully maintained Just Wireless’ position as Walgreens’ premium partner in the mobility category.  With a partnership that’s lasted over 25 consecutive years, we have successfully grown our partnership to over 50 skus in 9800+ stores.